Riverside Performing Arts is a professional theatre company that works in and around Birmingham and further afield across the UK. We are looking for students to join us from September 2024… could that be you?

Riverside Performing Arts offers a year out like no other. Join our theatre company to further develop your performance skills. We offer opportunities in acting, directing, film making, teaching, script writing and much more. You will learn the ins and outs of how a theatre company runs – both on stage and behind the scenes. This year will equip you with incredible foundations, through a hands on approach you will learn on the job and join our incredible team.

During the 9 months you’ll spend with us, you will be a part of Riverside Academy which offers a number of different tracks, e.g. worship, media, children’s work, youth/cross-cultural mission and, of course, performing arts. Alongside the time you will spend making costumes or rehearsing for the next performance, there will also be weekly discipleship input and an opportunity to explore faith with students from the other pathways of the Academy.

Our hope is that the course will not only help you explore how to use the arts and your faith together, but also what it means to live thriving lives for God. We hope that you grow in your faith and also develop leadership skills and a sense of God’s calling on your life.

The course runs from September to July out of Riverside Church, Birmingham.


joining the team

We are looking for trainees with a passion for the performing arts. Our heart is to develop and grow our students in a number of areas, which is why we only take a small number of students each year (2-6 students on average).

We are looking for;

  • People with a passion for the performing arts and a heart for sharing faith.
  • Confident performers.
  • Those with an interest in different aspects of performance work e.g. costume design, script writing, film

Check out this link to find out more: