About Us

Since its foundation Riverside Performing Arts has performed for and worked with well over 900,000 people in the UK and abroad, using the performing arts in dynamic and innovative ways to serve the community by communicating Christian truths and values and addressing issues relevant to the various age groups in which we work. We lead performances and workshops in a variety of settings such as schools, youth and community groups, churches, festivals and professional theatres.

Alongside the Theatre Company we also take 2-4 trainees per year from the Riverside Academy, run by Riverside Church. By choosing the performing arts pathway trainees can grow as creative, versatile and confident actors, inspired and skilled to use their performance gifts to share the Gospel.

Meet the team!

Naomi Woodruff

Head of RPA

Caroline Webb

Assistant Head

Becky Salt

Lead Actor

Lydia van Dijk

Lead Actor

Riverside Performing Arts is a Theatre Company passionate about using the performing arts to inspire, engage, equip and share faith to the communities in which we work.


Discover innovative drama and workshop packages for performances, assemblies and lessons from early years to young adults and accessible for special educational needs.
Our tailor-made shows and workshops explore truth, raise issues and provoke thinking faced by today’s young people.
Each project is developed to promote values and support creative learning in English, R.E., PHSE and Drama.


Bring people together through our creative performances. Develop understanding, discover new skills and positively empower others through our interactive workshops. See the positive and constructive impact on the lives of participants and groups alike.


Our shows and workshops enable churches to reach into their local communities, bring hope and share the Gospel message. We offer custom made sketches and packages suitable for all ages.