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Age Range: 11 – 18 years, KS3-5

Adults and Young Teens

50% of mental health problems are established by age 14. 75% by age 24.

This show set on a train creatively follows the lives of 3 ordinary people going about their ordinary lives… however things aren’t as ordinary as they seem. When you suffer with poor mental health there’s a hidden world inside, one in the mind that causes battles to be faced everyday. This show hopes to help an audience see and begin to unpack what poor mental health can look like as well as ways we can fight back.

Using Brechtian theatre techniques and drawing influence from Shakespeares Macbeth, this show and follow-up workshop explores mental wellbeing in a modern story that equips young people with tools and help on how to best train their thoughts.

Themes: Mental Health Awareness, Self Care, Support, 

Running time: 50 minutes
Cost: £395