The Shepherd Girl’s Story

A festive Christmas treat for all ages.

Age Range: 2 – 11 years, EYFS, KS2

Children and Family

Hollie loves Christmas! She loves the mince pies, the trees, and the fairy lights. 
She loves it so much that she tries to make it to every party and concert and candlelight service that she can!

One winters evening, whilst racing to get to her favourite Carol Service of the year, she takes a wrong turn down a country lane, and stumbles across the best Christmas she could possibly have hoped for.
Filled with storytelling, puppets, and Carols for all to sing, ‘The Shepherd Girl’s Story’ is sure to bring Festive cheer and warm the heart on a cold winters evening.

Themes: Christian Nativity story
Running time: 45 minutes
Cost: £370

This has changed my whole perspective on Christmas this year.