Not For Sale

Addressing the very current issue of county lines and modern day slavery through a creative, engaging and thought-provoking performance.

We recently received a grant from the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund to transform our stage production of ‘Not for Sale’ into an FREE online filmed resource for schools and young people across Birmingham and the West Midlands. We are partnering with local artists, charities, organisations and community venues to form this project.

Released in January 2021. 

Age Range: 11+, Adult, KS3-5

Young People And Adult

Slavery exists in the UK. Slavery exists in the World. Slavery exists today.
 Sharing stories and facts in a creative, dynamic way Not for Sale shines a light on modern-day slavery and hones in on the serious issue of County Lines. This show gets people talking and actively engaged in ways we can all take a stand and make a difference.

Themes: Modern day slavery, county lines, human trafficking, justice, respect.
Running time: 45 minutes
Cost: £390/show
Workshops: 60 minute workshop – £150/class

ONLINE FILM: Free from January 2021
Link: See above

I’ve learned so much and we needed to hear it.” – Teacher.