A KS2 show helping children understand their mental health. 


Children and Family

Age Range: KS2 and early KS3

“Your head is in the clouds!” “What is going on in your head?” 

“What were you thinking?”

These are questions and phrases that children commonly hear in their every day.  ‘In the last 3 years, the likelihood of children having a mental health problem has increased by 50%.  Now 5 children in a classroom of 30 are likely to have a mental health problem.’*

Head Space is an exciting new KS2 Primary production exploring the emotional journey that children can experience, even in a typical day; the challenges, the conflicts, the cheers.

The show follows a school girl Charlie dealing with life, from her friend moving away, to bullying at school and disruptions at home with her parents separation. Her way to escape and cope is through an online world, creating a game which we see played out as she faces challenges in life. The show is physical and fun but leaves its audience with practical steps anyone can take when life feels overwhelming.
Perfect to book during mental health awareness week and has workshops available too.


*The Children’s Society UK 2022

Themes: Mental health, internet use, emotional well-being, coping tools, social media

Cost: £425*

*For every mile travelled outside of a 15mile radius from B13, there will be an extra 44p per mile charge