Trainees begin each term by engaging in compositional exercises designed to supply them with the raw, creative material from which to increase their lyrical, harmonic and melodic range. They are taught to look at the strategies used in popular songwriting and learn how to write communicatively for different audiences and age ranges.
In both first and second term, trainees work towards two pieces of music that are performed as part of the schools tours. During this time they study music production and studio vocal techniques, putting their knowledge into practice by recording a piece of music.


Trainees are encouraged through these singing sessions to realise the potential of their singing voice. They explore how the voice works and learn exercises that are foundations for improving breath use, vocal tone and quality, dynamic control and range. Trainees focus on rehearsing a chosen song to develop their on stage presentation and performance skills. There is the opportunity to experiment with a variety of musical and vocal styles and enhance songs written for their Major Projects.

Riverside Performing Arts isn’t just another ‘year out drama course’. It offers unique, high quality performance training, run by people who are passionate about their work, and based in a church that serves its community with great love.

– Riverside Performing Arts graduate 2010-2011

Spoken Voice

The sessions are designed to help the trainees develop good vocal technique for speaking on stage. Trainees are given exercises to improve projection and diction as well as the opportunity to explore different vocal tones and colours and learning how and when to use them effectively. Improvisation and story-telling will be used in most sessions so there is plenty of time and space to try out the different techniques and to experiment with them.


Dance workshops focus on developing trainee’s movement skills and fitness. Classes are upbeat and energetic, combining street dance, break dance and freestyle influences to the latest beats. Trainees are taught rhythm, coordination and choreography, developing from basic combinations to full routines, including dynamics, floor work, and increasingly challenging movements and timings.
Growing in confidence and skill, trainees are able to identify and incorporate all the elements of performance that make up a dance, including style, energy, personal flare, showmanship, timing, maintaining formation and transitions. Sessions are fast paced, fun and tailored to the trainee’s abilities

I have worked with Riverside Performing Arts students over recent years and have been inspired by their commitment, faith and skill. The tutors are excellent. RSPA gives a solid foundation for a performing arts career and is a powerful Christian and community resource. I am a big fan of their work.

Russell Boulter, Actor
‘The Bill’, ‘Casualty’, ‘Eastenders’, ‘Art’


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