Our in-house theatre company offers high quality productions for theatres, festivals, schools, churches, community groups and conferences with a diverse repertoire of performances suitable for a wide range of ages and audiences. We are currently offering the following performances:

It’s Complicated

The world of relationships is a confusing and downright complicated place. So why are our intimate moments spread online for all to comment on? Watch our characters negotiate the world of social media, cyber-bullying and relationships in this hard-hitting and thought provoking performance aimed at young people aged 11-18. This performance also comes with an interactive workshop further exploring the issues looked at during the show.

“It’s Complicated highlights the dangers of sexting and sharing inappropriate images. It was pitched at the right level for students to engage with. Relevant content that was poignant and thought provoking. As I looked across the hall whilst the performance was taking place ALL the students were engrossed in the performance. Having spoken to students after the event they have been full of praise saying how good it was, high praise from a teenage audience indeed! Thank you Riverside Performing Arts for an excellent performance and engaging workshops” – South Bromsgrove High School

It's Complicated


Offered alongside It’s Complicated, this performance and workshop package explores issues concerning social media, cyber-bullying and e-safety in a bundle suitable for younger children of primary school age. Offered as a package, the performance is followed up by an interactive workshop allowing audience members to discuss and explore these issues in a fun and engaging way. A perfect support for PHSE teaching in schools.


Joe’s Amazing Easter Adventure

Joe’s been looking forward to this time of year since Christmas – it’s Easter! He loves the eggs, hunts and the opportunity to catch the Easter bunny. This year, Joe is certain that he’s created the ultimate Easter Bunny Trapping Device, but nothing could prepare him for the adventure he would go on in his garden whilst keeping watch… This creative re-telling of the Christian Easter story is an imaginative mix of creativity and flair suitable for primary aged children and families.

Joes Amazing Easter Adventure

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

With lots of fun and energy, and using this well known children’s story as a starting point, this performance explores how we react to the things we’re afraid of and is suitable for primary-school aged children. With a focus on supporting the teaching of British Values within schools, this show can be used as a starting point for discussions and further exploration.


Frame of Mind

Life can feel pretty full, but what exactly are our minds filled with? And are those things healthy? Mixing humour, news, music and personal testimonies, this show explores mental health and identity through a fast-paced and dynamic series of sketches. The performance challenged and equips young people to better understand who they are and how to navigate the complexities of what goes on in the mind. Off the back of a successful secondary schools tour, this show was also performed at mac Birmingham recently.

“RPA deliver consistently high quality and engaging work. They are able to take some difficult sensitive topics and create performances that are thought-provoking and also entertaining. Frame of Mind took a topic that can be very emotive and gave audiences an insight into the lives of many while also being hopeful” – Kings Norton Girls’ School teacher


For more details of any of our performances, please drop us a line.


All of our performances can be followed up with tailor made workshops allowing you to utilise the shows as part of a wider teaching programme. These can come as ready-made sessions, or we can discuss and formulate workshops with you to perfectly match your needs. Our aim is to have a positive and constructive impact on the lives of both audience members and workshop participants whether equipping them with new skills, building their confidence or developing their understanding of the world around them. Please get in touch to talk about this further with us.

“The workshops acted as fantastic platforms to build pupils self esteem and allow them to use theatre techniques regardless of linguistic or academic ability.” – Norma Hyde, Meadows School


We are well used to performing in a wide range of spaces including schools, theatres, festivals and other community venues. With the ability to provide all the necessary technical requirements for shows, every one of our theatre company performances really does come as a full package. If you think our performances could help you as part of your teaching programme, event or conference please do give us a call.


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