It's Complicated

It’s Complicated Truths!

It’s Complicated Truths!

If your friends respect you they wouldn’t.. If your partner respects you they wouldn’t..
  • pressure you or tease you to get you to sext someone
  • make you feel inferior
  • be mean if they didn’t get their own way
  • make you feel ugly
  • try and make you feel boring
  • try and make you be just like them
  • ask you to sext them
  • threaten to dump you
  • think you were any less beautiful if you kept your clothes on
  • compare you to others so that you felt inferior
  • tease or bully
  • expect you to prove your love
  • be unfaithful
  • be unfaithful and then blame you

The BIG It’s Complicated Truth..

All relationships should have respect as a key building block. Every young person deserves kindness and respect in all their relationships and to be treated equally with an equal say.

  • Subtle Media pressure surrounding us with rich naked women making it just seem normal
  • Peer pressure
  • Want to be cool
  • Partner pressure
  • Worried we might be dumped
  • We’re not as good as the ex

Have NO PLACE in a healthy relationship

And another thing..

If anyone, your friends, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, other adults, anyone. If they are trying to pressure or force you into doing something that makes you sad, uncomfortable, frightened or you  just know is wrong, then PLEASE talk to someone. It could be a trusted adult, or a teacher. If you can′t think of anyone then ring CHILDLINE 0800 1111. BUT don′t keep it to yourself!!!