It's Complicated

Help! I pressed send..

Help! I pressed send..

We′re hoping everyone will stop.. think .. and realise how totally wrong it could all go. We also know that sometimes we make mistakes and mess up big time.
Although there is no delete button for stupid mistakes there are things you can do..

  • DON′T panic, but DO act quickly
  • Tell someone who can help you, e.g. a teacher/ youth worker/ school nurse. They will want to help you and should support you in working out your practical and emotional needs, including trying to get images removed. (They may need to involve the police.)
  • Don′t let anyone use your shame, fear or embarrassment to get you to do more things, either for them or on line. This will not remove the problem or make it better. It will only make it worse and potentially put you in more harm
  • Be honest about what has happened

Realise that it will be tough and it might get really messy and embarrassing but it is not the end of the world ..

HELP is out there..

There is loads of brilliant and practical help on the following sites: resource ′so you got naked online′

Zipit app gives you top tips to deal with online chat. It’s free from your mobile app store or go to:

Stop. Think. Before you press send.