Claire likes SaTeenage student receives an image on her phonem. Sam likes Abby. Abby likes Sam, but wants to impress Claire.
As if teenage relationships weren’t complicated enough, without have to navigate the fickle world of the social web…
 “Why isn’t there a delete button for stupid mistakes?”

Snap Happy explores sex and relationships, sexting and self-worth through the eyes of three teenagers living in a society where social media blurs the boundaries between private life and public image.

This production is suitable for year 8 upwards. The 45 minute show is followed by a 60 minute interactive workshop for 30 students at a time which explores the issues within each performance in more depth. We also supply additional print and web resources for every student who sees this show.

For more details about the resources, please see:

This production is available to book for 2014-15.

RPA delivered an upbeat performance raising relevant issues around the topic of sex & relationships.”
Ethos consultant, Grace Academies.

“I just want to say a big thank you on behalf of the students and staff at The Triple Crown. You dealt with difficult subject matter with great sensitivity and made it a safe place for the pupils to discuss and consider many important issues which are relevant to them. The workshops were well devised and the pupils felt confident to all join in, which is very rare!”
The Triple Crown PRU.

One comment following a recent ‘Snap Happy’ performance at a local secondary school: “The students were captivated by the ‘Snap Happy’ performance. They were completely engrossed by the performance and workshop.” One student said, “That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!”

Feedback from  students at Grace Academy, Coventry

What is the main thing you learnt from today?

“the risks of sexting”

“how to have a safe relationship”

“how peer pressure can make you do things”

“how building a relationship can benefit and strengthen you”

One thing you will do differently as a result of today?

“to be confident in who I am”

“to think of myself more positively”

“not send sexts”

“not post so much online”

“Snap Happy is a well put together production, that engages young people with issues that they face today.  It helps them explore the issues and the consequences associated with peer pressure and poor decision making.  It has a a host of opportunities for follow up work and exploring the issues further with pupils.”
Niall Crawford, Services for Education, Birmingham.

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