Once Upon A Time… Online

Once Upon a Time Online re-imagines some of the nation’s most well-loved classic tales, moving them into the modern era for young digital natives. Exploring safety online as well as the benefits of technology, this productions aims to equip young children to better understand the internet and how it affects our every day lives

Age Range: 2 – 7 years, EYFS, KS1


Children and Family


This show is the perfect introduction to the online world and internet safety through adaptations of three well-known fairy tales.


Cinderella has dreams of being a famous singer, and a hit talent show is coming to town. Sadly, her stepmother and stepsisters teased Ella about her appearance, telling her that no filter in the world could make her a star. But Ella gets a helping hand from her fairy godmother and is able to go to the show and sing her heart out. 

Jack and his mum live in the quiet countryside, where Jack longs for adventure. With no money for food, they must sell the family cow, so Jack puts it up for online auction. He sells the cow, but then something catches his eye – a “magic beanstalk” for sale that could change his life forever.


Red’s grandma is worried about her new neighbour, and when their video call cuts off one day, Red visits to make sure everything is okay. She journeys through the woods to Grandma’s house, where Grandma explains that her neighbour is a wolf who howls all night. Red goes to investigate, but finds that the wolf isn’t vicious at all, he’s just having teething problems in his new home.


Themes: digital age, online safety, friendship, bravery, self worth
Running time: 40 minutes

Price: £380 per show

It was a brilliant performance and both children and staff had a wonderful morning full of energy, exciting, engaging, funny and the e-safety message was clear. A show that appeals to all the age groups.