Ctrl-Alt-Delete interactive workshops

Ctrl-Alt-Delete workshops

Exploring British values about recognising what’s right & wrong,  recognising and dealing effectively with cyber bullying, how to keep personal information private.

This production package comprises a 20 minute whole school assembly followed by class-specific interactive workshops. The 20 minute performance raises some of the issues around cyber-bullying and some basic principles to put into action. The 60 minute interactive class based workshop allows students to explore issues of cyber bullying and how to respond constructively.



The workshop covers issues such as:

  • how to recognise and deal with cyber bullying, hate messages or comments on photos
  • or strangers starting conversations with you when gaming,
  • how to deal with threats posted online
  • how to help friends who are being bullied online.

The workshop includes basic principles such as:

  • knowing your privacy settings,
  • not retaliating or continuing a conversation with a stranger,
  • not giving away personal information
  • telling a trusted adult.

Age range: KS2.

Cost: Assembly + 4 x 60 minute sessions in a day £650.

Single assembly + 1 x workshop session £250.

Riverside Performing Arts theatre company production.


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